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Founded by Grammy-winning engineer/producer Charles Dye, alternative indie artist John Ralston, and recording studio owner/podcaster Allen Wagner, Turn Me Up!™ is a non-profit music industry organization working together with a group of highly respected artists and recording professionals to give artists back the choice to release more dynamic records.

It's not our intent to discourage aggressively limited records, they are a valid creative choice for artists. But today, most artists feel they have no option other than mastering their records to be as loud as everybody else's.

And when everybody is doing this because everybody else is, who's actually doing it because they want to?

To address this we've created Turn Me Up! Certification, which would allow records meeting our criteria to display the Turn Me Up! Certified label to inform the consumer nothing is wrong, this record is simply more dynamic and all they need to do is Turn Me Up! Our goal is to create an environment where artists will feel comfortable making the creative choice to release a more dynamic record - without the fear of it being misunderstood by the consumer.

Progress Report

We're in the process of formalizing the dynamics criteria and establishing the certification system with a group of highly respected artists, producers, mastering engineers and mixing engineers. Here's where we are currently:

  1. Determining an objective method of measuring the dynamics of a record.
  2. We're currently considering a measurement that will be precise, scientific, and 100% repeatable. It will not be a subjective or interpretative measurement in any way.

  3. Defining a level of dynamics that is considerably more dynamic than today's aggressively limited records, but not so quiet it wouldn't be an option for contemporary artists.
  4. We're currently considering a level as dynamic as records were in the pre-brickwall limiting era of the late 80's and early 90's. These records were not lacking for loudness, power or intensity, and their dynamics retained a lot of the emotion and excitement of the original performances.

    The key is that this level cannot be just slightly more dynamic. To have any meaning or significance it must be distinctly more dynamic than today's records.

  5. Establishing and putting into place a system to measure and certify records that would like to be considered for Turn Me Up! certification.
  6. We're currently considering a system that would make mastering engineers the gatekeepers of Turn Me Up! Mastering engineers could become Turn Me Up! certified, which would qualify them to measure and certify whether a record meets the Turn Me Up! criteria. Mastering facilities could charge a small fee for their time, and provide this service to outside clients who don't have access to a Turn Me Up! certified mastering engineer.

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 An Invitation 

Please join us in giving artists back the choice to release more dynamic records.

You can show your support for Turn Me Up! in three ways:

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  3. Apply to be a TMU! Mastering Facility to measure and certify TMU! records.
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Your time investment will only be a few minutes, yet the impact of your small investment will be large on our industry.

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