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Please join us in giving artists back the choice to release more dynamic records.

You can show your support for Turn Me Up! in three ways:

  1. Join TMU! to officially register your support for more dynamic records.
    • This is for anyone—music fans and music industry alike.
  2. Submit a request for TMU! Certification to have your record TMU! Certified.
    • This is for artists and labels only.
  3. Apply to be a TMU! Mastering Facility to measure and certify TMU! records.
    • This is for mastering facilities only.

Your time investment will only be a few minutes, yet the impact of your small investment will be large on our industry.

Please choose one of the options below.
Any of the choices will also subscribe you to our newsletter Turn Me Up! News.

1) Join Us
Register Your TMU! Support

2) Submit Your Album
Request TMU! Certification

3) Mastering Facility
TMU! Certification Application

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We will not sell or trade your information with anyone.

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